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losi baja rey vs traxxas slash

losi baja rey vs traxxas slash

Pretty sure the Baja rey will be better in virtually every way but its brand reputation not experience talking .its got an uber cool live rear axle too ,what's not to like. If you’re craving the realistic handling characteristics like the big boys, the long travel solid 4-link rear axle and independent front A-Arm suspension will not disappoint. I have the Slash now, I don't do anything competitive with it, just running it my local track for fun. *** INCLUDED WITH ITEM *** 1 - CARBON FIBER SHOCK TOWER 2 - ALUMINUM SPACERS 1 - MISC. CODE: RPM73275. They are both fun, but it sure as hell a lot more fun to just send the slash flying 30ft in the air. Bashing. id go with the scbe.. i have a few scte.. it takes about 4 ounces of weight in the servo box to have equal weight on all 4 tires...traction roll needing to drift in corners just wont happen in my case..i do have a 3500 kv on 2 cell with a 12t p/ 45 tooth steel spur..good luck enjoy the new rc.. XXX. Buggies, Truggies, Muggies, Short Course, electric, nitro, whatever you race/bash, tune, mod, feel free to share here. traxxas actually didnt really start anything new just brought it back, though the ols class used smaller vehicles. Rustler. The traxxas udr is still behind there, but look at the size difference right away guys these guys are nose to nose, or should i say wheel to wheel right here, this uh baja ray the super baja ray 2 comes with three different led bars. there might even be a comeback fo the "heavy metal" class. 34. Primary Competition: In the 1/6th scale division you won’t find a whole lot of different vehicles, but there is the formidable Traxxas X-Maxx. This is a subreddit devoted to Losi R/C vehicles. 1/6th scale Losi® Super Baja Rey® desert truck! This is my first car with a live rear axle and for me the only way to describe how the Rey handles is almost like a rear wheel drive car with a limited slip differential. 1/16. Traxxas Slash 4x4 Chassis Assembly Exploded View. Sign-up for free and join our friendly community to chat and share all things R/C! Close. It comes equipped with a long-travel suspension, so you tear across all types of terrain at speeds of 45mph or more! RC Electric Off-Road Trucks, Buggies, Truggies and more - Traxxas Slash Vs Losi Desert Truck, which is better?,,,,,, Probably not, they're completely different trucks, the baja rey had a straight axle 4 link rear end, and the slash has a-arms in the rear. Up for sale is a used Losi Super Rock Rey with no radio system. Team Durango. Rustler 4 x 4. Team Losi Racing Light Weight Body/Wing, Clear, with Stickers for the 22 3.0 TLR330004 Whereas the Losi adverts all encourage hard abuse. Team Losi super Baja Rey 2.0 RC Baja truck 8S 1/5 SCALE big size (granada hills) $899 Traxxas UDR Losi Baja Rey associated slash desert racer short course $500 1/6 Losi Super Baja Rey 2.0 RC Truck $500 THIS TOWER IS STIFFER THAN THE STOCK MOLDED TOWER GIVING BETTER RESPONSE. From all the videos I have seen it looks like it can hardly contain itself. Slash is better for racing/driving around. Out Of Stock. While there are many RC vehicles that are being created by these popular RC brands, there are a few particular RC cars that are more prominent than others, and that is the Team Losi XXX-SCT and the Traxxas Slash Pro 2WD. Any one who has run the Desert Truck, feel free to chime in! Wondering if the Desert Truck would be a noticeable upgrade as far as speed and control. Over the weekend the weather was absolutely great so, we broke out with the Losi Super Baja Rey 6s for a bash. Do not hesitate. Hello all. I had a 2wd slash that I converted to a dirt oval car and I love that it was a little tricky to drive and seemed to react like a full scale vehicle. 2:19. Longer wheelbase and wider track will make LOSI BAJA REY. That said, I have a Arrma typhon for mental bashing and light racing and a Losi Super Rock Rey for more scale light bashing. Velikost XXXL. Free Shipping. Bash with Two Traxxas Slash 2WD and a Losi Baja Rey - YouTube TRAXXAS RUSTLER SLASH V2 CARBON FIBER FRONT SHOCK TOWER THIS 4mm THICK CARBON FIBER IS A MUST IF YOU WANT TO UPGRADE YOUR 2WD TRAXXAS VECHILE. Apr 19, 2020 - Explore De La Cerda Motorsports's board "RC Trophy Truck Losi Super Baja Rey", followed by 176 people on Pinterest. Ahojte, chcem sa vás opýtať na váš názor na modely Losi 1:10 Ford Raptor Baja Rey vs. Traxxas 1:8 UDR Unlimited Desert. Thanks everyone for the help. Posted by 6 months ago. Out today is my brother with his Traxxas Slash Ford Raptor box stock on 2s and I have my Losi Baja Rey on 3s box stock. We took it kind of easy jumping as the ramp is just as wide as the Baja Rey. Checking to to see if anyone has had experience going between a Traxxas Slash 4x4 LCG VXL and the 1/10 Losi Baja Rey Desert Truck. Jato. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()) Website Acquisitions Inc. All rights reserved. Long story short, they're both very different trucks with different driving characteristics. Now might be considering the Tekno SCT410.3 or the Losi TEN-SCTE 3.0, definitely don't "look as cool", but I think they might be a little more for what I am looking for. ...I've decided on either the SCTE or SCBE...,, The following errors occurred with your submission. The Losi® Baja Reydesert trophy truck is built on one of the most advanced chassis ever conceived for a ready-to-run vehicle. Traxxas UDR vs. Tenacity DB Pro. 4WD Traxxas Slash - $550 1) Price = 1 2) Durability = 3 3) Performance = 3 4) Support = 5 Overall = 3.0 4WD Losi Baja Ray - $450 1) Price = 3 2) Durability = 5 3) Performance = 4 4) Support = 5 Overall = 4.25 A more appropriate comparison would be Slash vs SCTE or El Rey vs Axial/Vaterra Losi Rock Rey. Playing next. Just got to figure out which one. Losi Super Baja Rey 2.0 Sealed Bearing Kit (4) 4x8x3 (15) 8x16x5 (6) 10x19x5 You are purchasing the bearings listed above. Hot Racing Transmission Gear Case Traxxas Slash Rustler Stampede TE12GX01. maybe they will relese a new body to make it look more scale and to compete with the slash. For a start, it's not a Traxxarse. Traxxas themselves included a little note on the UDR, stating "it's not to be jumped hard", or something like that, I can't remember. Maxx E/T. 8. Losi, hits shin once and tree twice. Losi 8ight Truggy & Traxxas Slayer Pro. Right now I have a E Revo and it can take a serious beating so I was thinking staying with Traxxas but I think Im going to try out a Losi for my second vehicle. This is really comparing apples to oranges, but let me try to help break things down by using the following evaluation index based on my personal opinions: I have driven the Slash and I have the Baja Rey. 10 viewed per hour. * Based on the Losi® Baja Rey™ platform, it features a new roll cage and bodywork that looks just like the full-scale vehicles. What’s Needed To Complete: The Super Baja Rey comes as a RTR and is fully assembled. $349.99. Just looking on opinions to which one is better. First-generation traxxas bandit upgraded Continue reading Traxxas Bandit Upgraded. Super FAST, EXTREMEMLY durable, and absolute reliability. What’s Needed To Complete: The Baja Rey comes fully pre-built and RTR. Revo E /2.0 /2.5 / 3.3. Furthermore, it's based on the Super Baja Rey, which is a far bigger, stronger platform than the UDR. Report. The 1/10th 2.2 Rock Rey™ Rock Racer is incredibly versatile. Losi Baja Rey 4WD RTR Desert Truck: Matt Gunn: Off-road Cars: 20: Sep 27, 2020 05:30 PM: News: Losi Super Baja Rey 4WD Desert Truck: Matt Gunn: Large Scale Cars: 31: Sep 18, 2019 01:31 PM: Discussion: Help with Slash 4X4 or Losi Baja Rey: Dman79: Off-road Cars: 8: Sep 18, 2016 06:44 PM The Losi® Ford Raptor Baja Rey® is the most authentic looking Desert Truck on the market with the performance and durability of a race vehicle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Not only can it take on rocks with ease, this monster can bash over pretty much anything, anywhere. Tričko s krátkým rukávem Traxxas s logem SLASH TRAXXAS v černé barvě. After reading these posts and additional research I've decided on either the SCTE or SCBE. Traxxas. Micro T. Mini T. SCT-E. Super Rock Rey. - Everyone who thinks that the slash is going to drive the same as a rustler is very mistaken. And you'll do so with the full-throttle freedom that only AVC technology can provide. Included in the sale are Hot Racing Losi Super Rock Rey Aluminum Steering Bellcrank. See more ideas about trophy truck, losi, rc cars. I'm torn between these two and need help. LST. It comes equipped with a Dynamite® 3800Kv brushless power system, as well as a long-travel suspension, so you can tear across all types of terrain at speeds of 45mph or more! $33.88. Wondering if the Desert Truck would be a noticeable upgrade as far as speed and control. Otherwise, other 1/10th 4wd short course trucks (SCTE, Slash 4×4, SC10 4×4, etc) could also be considered competition. Traxxas Slash vs Losi Baja Rey having a hard time keeping front ends down racing around the dirtstrip. I saw a picture of a slash next to a rustler and its longer and wider. Tenacity. I personally had both, got rid of my slash, and I regretted it. ORIGINAL: wookie_racer i wish that losi relesed their deert truck like their old one based off the xx-4. Through mud and water—at staggering speeds over 40 MPH. That's kind of a shame, I guess I was thinking that since they were so proud of that crazy rear suspension, that it would be able to handle itself a little better. Primary Competition: The biggest competition to the Baja Rey is the Axial Score Trophy Truck. ... Black Rear Bumper Mount for the Traxxas Slash. Checking to to see if anyone has had experience going between a Traxxas Slash 4x4 LCG VXL and the 1/10 Losi Baja Rey Desert Truck. Otherwise it will traction roll, punching it makes it hunker down a bit and hook up the front tires. I think the tenacity tt pro would be a better match too. Jun 23, 2018 - The Losi Baja Rey and Traxxas Slash LCG 2wd bashing and jumping stone and dirt piles. Archived. If you are like me and was tired of the Traxxas Erevo 2.0, tired of a ridiculous amount of maintainance get this Losi Super Baja Rey 2.0. The Losi® Baja Rey® desert truck is built on one of the most advanced chassis ever conceived for a ready-to-run vehicle. Losi 8ight vs. Traxxas Slash. Losi 1/10 Baja Rey 4 Wheel Drive Desert Truck Brushless Bind N Drive. losi sc10 vs slash ultimate for bashing ? that would be nice. Browse more videos. This beast is setting new standards with its scale detail and adrenaline-pumping 50+ mph speeds. In the RC world, there are a few brands that are popular, and two of the more commonly reviewed brands are Losi and Traxxas. This big 1/6-scale electric desert runner can reach speeds of 60+ mph with a pinion swap and delivers some good looks and performance to boot. Press J to jump to the feed. We set up the ramp out back to hit a few jumps. The front is diff'd so you have this push-pull thing happening. Hello all. There you go like a disappearing act. as far as the tires go, i dont know what traxxas uses on the slash tires to keep them on but i could never get any to stay with the vxl, look into a good set of Get the best deal for Traxxas Slash 4x4 RC Cars from the largest online selection at eBay Traxxas 3956R: Spur gear, 54-tooth (0. Chcem kúpiť model, ktorý má ako majú tieto dva reálne zadné zavesenie a … Velocity RC Cars #30 (available March 2018) will feature the full review of the new Losi Super Baja Rey. 8ight Mini. Going into turns, you need to punch through them and drift it. FASTENERS *** NOTES *** MADE IN USA Sign in to buy. Enough with the words about a video…watch. The losi is more of a "scale" racer, as in as long as you keep jumps and obstacles to scale it would be fairly fun. Super Rock Rey, hands down. I have the Slash now, I don't do anything competitive with it, just running it my local track for fun. I'm up for having a little fun, but ultimately I want to be able to make it around the track without looking like a crazy person. Performance wise the losi isnt really a racer, due to it having a straight axle in the rear it tends to roll over. Bandit.

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