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skyrim aranea marry Aela the Huntress. 360 PS4 Brelyna may not give the option to marry her. Nelacar is an Altmer mage exiled from the College of Winterhold for "bad research." She gets my thumbs up:) My current character is lvl 16 Redguard. There is no way of fixing this. Due to space constraints I'll just list the relevant facts. Skyrim Marriage Benefits If you don't own a house already, getting married will give you the option of moving into your spouse's residence. Aela the Huntress is easily at the top of the Skyrim wives list. Replace Aranea with the name of your companion, like Lydia for instance (help Lydia 4). I think she was trying to get me to marry her. I'd have Jenassa as a follower for a while now, and think that shes pretty decent--we got married--whatevs. Aranea Ienith is a Dunmer elemental mage and a worshipper of Azura.She can be found praying at the Shrine of Azura and will task you with finding Nelacar, whom she says holds the power of the stars.According to Aranea, Azura led her people out of Vvardenfell to safety. So have once again took on Aranea… Just beat the Mayln Varen out of Azura's Star. PS3 If married to Brelyna, she may not give the option to make a homecooked meal for the Dragonborn. I Married Lydia after losing her with my first character. PC 360 PS3 Sometimes, when Brelyna casts her spell, the Dragonborn may become invisible. Wife’s Property: None. Annekke Crag-Jumper is a Nord archer in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who lives in Darkwater Crossing with her husband, Verner Rock-Chucker. Once you've typed that, there should be a bunch of stuff that pops up, or a little, depending on the NPC name. I agree with all who said Aranea is good and doesn't get in your way all the time. Anyway; Aranea Ienith shows up the the ceremony and starts basically telling me she will be everything to me, blah blah. Aela is an elite warrior and part of the Companions. I got to level 55 in my previous character, used her a lot. As the title states, I did what I didn't think could be done, I marred Serana. He resides within The Frozen Hearth inn. Since I'm a sucker for Dark Elven ladies, and Aranea gave me that sob storry about how lonely she would be now without Azura, so I dismissed Jenassa and got Aranea Ientih to become my minion. Not to be confused with Anneke. Race: Nord. Location: Jorrvaskr, Whiterun. First off, my character is an Imperial male named "Drakulya" and before I installed Dawnguard I was already a vampire and also the "Listener" of the Dark Brotherhood. For other uses, see Nelacar. The relevant bit is where it says "NPC_: (00028AD0) 'Aranea Ienith'. To marry Camilla Valerius you need to complete “The Golden Claw” quest. ... More posts from the skyrim … Never married in this game, I finally decided to get platinum this time around though. The marriage ensues normally if dialogue is initiated with her.

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