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sister slam dunk season 2 cast

sister slam dunk season 2 cast

I just finished Sisters Slam Dunk Season 2, and was wondering what happened to the cast members now? Jinyoung was/is also active as a guests on Omniscient Interfering View and I Live Alone, and probably more. Cast. Please follow the link from the email to continue. About. She was cast for "Creaking Heroes" (a variety show I tried but lost interest in) I don't think it was very popular or lasted for very long. For the second season, comedian Kim Sook and model Hong Jin Kyung are returning to the show from the first season. You can paste URL of the image inside The RM project with Hong Jin Young ended a while ago, but she's usually doing her trot thing, a lot of events, and I've seen her in a commercial recently (on VLive). 2000 Carmen (Korean adaptation) Carmen Awards and nominations. Click here to view the Tweet Other cast members: Click here to view the Tweet The first season focused on fulfilling the dream of each cast member with a limited budget, while the second season was a girl group project. Are they still meeting up? Regular Member. I don't know much about their current activities sry but I just want to say I loved the season & I really miss them :(, Hong jin-kyoung was recently on Knowing Bros! And is slated to appear in the film "Bad Guys: The Movie" in 2019, Hong Jin-Kyung last project was Creaking Heroes at the beginning of 2018 and last appeared on an episode of Knowing Bros that aired 181013 (October 13th 2018) (Episode 149), New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the koreanvariety community. Famous composer Kim Hyung Suk will join the show as the head producer. To add a video paste video url directly into your comment. This thread is archived. Premiered: Apr 8, 2016. Sisters Slam Dunk: Season 2 (Korean TV Show); 언니들의 슬램덩크 2; Season 2 of the program focused primarily on the girl group project, which was Min Hyo 2016 ... Once the cast reaches their destination they set up, prepare food, and play a game of "Never Have I Ever" with lots of personal questions. Hong Jin Young Regular Member. Europe, stream the best of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and new movies now. Add Image. share. Season: OR . A girl group named the Unnies was born after Min Hyorin's dream to become a girl group member. S2, Ep2 . Sister's Slam Dunk (언니들의 슬램덩크) is a variety project girl group show on KBS. Chaeyoung also did Wizard of Nowhere (I haven't watched that one). video; trivia; popular; trending; random; Sister's Slam Dunk. Click here and start watching the full episode in seconds. The 7 members with different looks, personalities and skills have gathered to achieve one dream of becoming a girl group to rewrite their forgotten dreams. Episode #2.2… Sister's Slam Dunk (Korean: 언니들의 슬램덩크; RR: Eonnideurui Seullaemdeongkeu; MR: Ŏnnidŭrŭi sŭllaemdŏngk'ŭ) is a South Korean reality show that aired every Friday on KBS 2TV from April 8 to December 2, 2016. Hong Jinyoung just successfully launched her cosmetic brand, When I first heard the news I thought she will name it FACE UPGRADE, they doing their primary job right now.. kimsook : hosting jinyoung : singer ye won : actress chae young : actress, Ive seen sook and yewon hang out from instagram pic recently, Minzy Is currently on her dance break tour which which goes all around the world I think she transitioned to dancing fully and stepped away from singing other than a single or ep release here and there, Not that it matters though, 2NE1 made so much money she can basically do whatever she wants, Kang Ye Won's last project was "Fighter Choi Kang Soon" which aired in January. Special high-profile guests also make appearances to help the women achieve their dreams. Hope for Sister Slam Dunk 3. We have sent instructions to the email address you provided during signup. Simkl automatically tracks what you’re watching, tells you how many episodes you’ve missed, and connects you to what your friends are into. Press J to jump to the feed. save hide report. Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2!

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